SYNODAL PUSHBACK: Bishop Schneider Launches Major Counter-Synod Offensive

SYNODAL PUSHBACK: Bishop Schneider Launches Major Counter-Synod Offensive

Michael Matt

5 months

Michael Matt in Rome attends another Vatican press conference and challenges a Synodal Father on the question of whether the Synodal Church still believes it is necessary for anyone to become a Catholic.

Plus, Michael attends the launch of Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s new catechism.

Answering the call of Catholic mothers and fathers who are confused by what is happening at the hierarchical level of the Church, Bishop Schneider has written a question-and-answer catechism that will lovingly instruct Catholics all throughout the world on what they need to believe to keep the Catholic Faith, regardless of what the Synodal Church says or does

What about transgender ideology? Drug use? Sex education? Transsexualism? This catechism is everything you need to keep the faith as the Synodal darkness covers the earth.

Good news, friends. All is not lost. There’s a war on, and Franics knows it!

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