BISHOPS REFUSE TO OBEY: Globalist Pope Faces Massive Resistance Worldwide

BISHOPS REFUSE TO OBEY: Globalist Pope Faces Massive Resistance Worldwide

Michael Matt

6 months

In this Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a look at the extraordinary turn of events whereby Globalism is suddenly taking so many that it may well become unsustainable in the near future. 

In the Catholic Church, for example, with its Globalist pope at the helm, it is now manifestly obvious that not since the Avignon Captivity of the Fourteenth Century, has there been greater hierarchical resistance to a reigning pontiff.

Michael calls upon the clans to supporting the African Bishops’ conferences, the Hungarians, the Poles, the Kazakhstanis, Cardinals Muller, Burke, Sarah and so many others as they publicly resist this disastrous pontificate. 

The hierarchical firepower being amassed against Francis right now could lead to an imperfect council or some other form of authoritative judgment against his derelict pontificate. Obviously, this is precisely what Cardinal “Tucho” is worried about, which is why he attempted to double down on Fiducia Supplicans this week, which only made matters worse for Francis.

Michael reminds us that, due to the history-changing nature of this moment, lay Catholics need to make sure the good bishops find in us the loyal defenders we've always promised them we’d be if they would raise their voices in resistance. This they have done, and now is the time to make good on that promise. Please pray for them. At this moment, they are the only thing standing between us and total moral chaos.

Also, President Putin’s New Year’s message to the people of Russia is probably the most nationalistic address any superpower leader has delivered since the inaugural speech of Donald Trump. Uh-oh, now what are builders of the New World Order going to do as Russia goes all in on MRGA? Sayonara, Agenda 2023!

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