CHRIST is KING: Candace Owens Is Right

CHRIST is KING: Candace Owens Is Right

Michael Matt

3 months

In this edition of the Underground, Michael presents a tour de force on the Doctrine of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. Responding to the avalanche of attacks on political commentator Candace Ownes – fired from the Daily Wire for proclaiming Christ King – Michael addresses all the arguments, including those based on the canard that when Christ said to Pilate “my kingdom is not of this world,  He was in fact rejecting His own sovereignty over nations and individuals. This, according to Michael, is heresy and it is also exactly why the scourges of abortion and same sex “marriage” are now the law of our land.

“This may be the most important video I have ever produced, given that it addresses a matter of grave urgency for all men and women, regardless of their religious affiliation. Especially in Holy Week, that ‘we have no king but Caesar’ should find its way onto the lips of conservative Catholic commentators provides a teaching moment on the casual apostasy that has inflicted the Catholic Church and is throwing the entire world into diabolical chaos.”  - Michael J. Matt

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