GLOBAL EUTHANASIA: How Wokeism Leads to Genocide

GLOBAL EUTHANASIA: How Wokeism Leads to Genocide

Michael Matt

3 weeks

In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt provides an update on the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, Bishop John Stowe’s campaign to put the Catholic Church in service of Agenda 2030, and the phenomenon of high-profile influencers converting to Christianity. Seriously, what is going on here?! 

Plus, the unholy triumvirate of access deaths, euthanasia, and Artificial Intelligence – a perfect metaphor for an enlightened society.

Who is this priest, why was he smiling on his way to execution, and what were his last words? (HINT: It’s all about the Kingship of Christ and the great Christian Reset.)

Plus, full disclosure: Here's the real reason Michael Matt invited Candace Owens to the CIC this fall...

WHO Video: The WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty: Global Regs for Abortion, Gun Control, Climate Change 


Euthanasia Article: The slippery slope of euthanasia is a denial of the truths of Catholic teaching about human life

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