The Truth about “Infinite Dignity” (Cardinal Fernandez, you got it wrong)

The Truth about “Infinite Dignity” (Cardinal Fernandez, you got it wrong)

Michael Matt

2 weeks

In this Sunday Sermon, a diocesan priest breaks down the glaring error in the Vatican Dicastery’s latest document—penned by Cardinal “Tucho” Fernandez and signed by Pope Francis—the title of which is “Dignitas infinita”, meaning, of course, “infinite dignity”.

Infinite dignity belongs only to God. The rest of His creatures belong to a hierarchy according to their being, be they angels, humans, or anything else.

The dignity of all these creatures comes from their participation (or reflection, as in the case of the fallen angels) in the dignity of God, but no one, not even the Blessed Virgin, possess infinite dignity, for that belongs to God alone.

To suggest otherwise would be arrogant and foolish.

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