CIVIL WAR: Steve Bannon Jailed, Globalism Loses Big in EU Elections

CIVIL WAR: Steve Bannon Jailed, Globalism Loses Big in EU Elections

Michael Matt

1 month

In this edition of The Underground, Michael Matt looks at massive victories for nationalist/populist political parties in Europe. As Globalism loses big at the polls, the Global elites hit the panic button, and start rounding up the so-called “political prisoners.” They’re sending Steve Bannon to Jail on July 1, and they hope to do the same to Donald Trump on  July 11th. But will this witch hunt backfire?

With Joan Andrews Bell and several other pro-life grandmothers going to jail, Michael compares what is happening in America with what happened in the Soviet Union and then again in Nazi Germany as crackdown on dissent led to thousands of murdered priests and millions of dead Christians.

Meanwhile, the Christian counterrevolution continues to gain steam, as “Christ is King” was shouted over and over again by thousands of young adults at the Turning Point USA conference. (Way to go, Candace!)

Plus, a beautiful moment! Gerhard Cardinal Muller spontaneously intones the “Christus Vincit” for 20,000 French pilgrims. And, finally, from the “This War Is Far from Over” file, the new president of El Salvador declares Globalism dead in his country and warns against its “evil spirit” taking the United States by storm.

Michael concludes with a word on what to do with a Globalist pope.

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