A PAPAL MELTDOWN: Vigano Accused, Rupnik Excused

A PAPAL MELTDOWN: Vigano Accused, Rupnik Excused

Michael Matt

3 weeks

In this episode, Michael looks at the COVID aftermath and how the wheels are coming off the Great Reset. With influential cultural figures such as future hall-of-fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, speaking out against the global surveillance state, it becomes easy to see that “we’re not in Kansas anymore,” where “conspiracy theories” are concerned. The Wizard is fake news, and everyone knows it!

Speaking of Kansas, Bishop James Johnston of Kansas City has joined Bishop Thomas Paprocki in enthusiastically supporting Harrison Butker’s clarion call for bishops to “man up” and start behaving like Catholic bishops again. Butker blasted the bishops for closing the churches during Covid and, what do you know, several bishops just seconded the motion. Go figure!

So, with the EU elections scoring big wins for Europe’s populist/nationalist parties – a stinging indictment of Pope Francis the Globalist – is this Reign of Terror finally running out of steam? Francis seems desperate. A case in point:  With the world teetering on the edge of war, Pope Francis is putting his paranoia on full display by ordering Archbishop Vigano to come to Rome to face charges of schism. Yes, you read that right! He’s not trying to excommunicate Mr. Ted McCarrick – one of the worst sexual predators in Church history.  Nope! Francis is going after the whistle blower.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

And, finally, with nothing better to do, the obsessed (with traditional Catholics) pontiff finds himself at the center of swirling rumors that claim Team Francis is about to launch a “Final Solution” to permanently ban the Latin Mass.

Is there anything to the rumors, and what’s really behind this Vatican witch hunt?


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