Michael Matt Defends Trump Legacy at Capitol Rally

Michael Matt Defends Trump Legacy at Capitol Rally

Michael Matt

3 years

Regardless of where you come down on the 2020 presidential election, you must admit that Donald Trump is doing more to expose systemic voter fraud and political corruption than any other U.S. president in history. At this political rally, RTV's Michael Matt speaks on the importance of Trump's legacy and his MAGA campaign in the face of a new globalist order. Democrats or Republicans alike have reason to be concerned over what Joe Biden and his friends at the United Nations have in store for America. Michael Matt lays out the case for speaking out in defense of the national sovereignty of our one nation under God.

CALL TO ACTION--Michael Matt invites you to stand with him at the St. Paul Capitol (Minnesota) in defense of our freedom to celebrate Christmas 2020. Calling all patriots--Catholics, Protestants, AMERICANS! December 12, 2020 at 10:30 AM: Stand for one hour in silent prayer and protest, followed by a rally and a press conference. Please tell your friends and family. For updates all week long, visit: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php

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