VACCINES & CYBERATTACKS: Ramping Up the New Normal

VACCINES & CYBERATTACKS: Ramping Up the New Normal

Michael Matt

3 years

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A new strain of COVID leads PM Boris Johnson to cancel Christmas in the UK. In this episode of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt discusses the latest scare tactics coming from the World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab who, after using the Covid pandemic to get us all to move our lives online, is now warning that cyberattacks are about to pull the plug on our New Normal.

As if that weren't scary enough, Bill Gates and Tony Fauci are warning the world that vaccines won't end the pandemic and that we need to wear our masks and cancel holiday celebrations until 2022.

Meanwhile, after telling us all to do the home alone thing on Thanksgiving, Dr. Deb 'Scarf Lady' Birx was caught traveling across country to whoop it up with extended family over the same holiday.

Finally, a word on the Vatican's 2020 Christmas display, which Michael argues provides further justification for The Remnant's "2020 Man of the Year" selection. Any guesses who that might be?

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