RIGID INTOLERANCE: Why Does Francis Hate the Latin Mass?

RIGID INTOLERANCE: Why Does Francis Hate the Latin Mass?

Michael Matt

3 years

In this Remnant-Tv.com exclusive, Michael J. Matt considers the question of why—in the middle of global upheaval, apostasy, and pandemic—Francis is focusing his papal sights not a church wracked with apostasy but rather on the small remnant of believers who wish simply to attend the Mass of their fathers.

Even non-Catholics are perplexed by Francis’ unprecedented decision to contradict his immediate predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who freed the Latin Mass and insisted it was never (and could never be) abrogated.

So, what now? Michael discusses the options, ranging from a worst-case scenario—the return to the basement catacomb chapels—to the very viable option of appealing to good priests and bishops suffering from Francis fatigue to stand and resist this intolerant and draconian crackdown on Catholic Tradition.

Finally, Michael discusses the silver lining of this horrific move against Tradition—ranging from the total vindication of pioneer traditionalists such as Archbishop Lefebvre, to unification of the Catholic clans worldwide, to the full-on expose of the true point and purpose of the conciliar Revolution from the start, i.e., the eradication of the old order of Christendom in order to make room for the New World Order of Antichrist.

The question is: Has the Pachamama Papa jumped the shark?

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