UNITE the CLANS: Michael Matt on Traditiones Custodes &  Resistance

UNITE the CLANS: Michael Matt on Traditiones Custodes & Resistance

Michael Matt

2 years

Speaking at a Catholic Church in Platteville, Wisconsin, Michael J. Matt addresses Traditiones Custodes, resistance, the Kingship of Christ, and coming underground Church.

Why is the Vatican attempting to shut down one of the few thriving movements in the Catholic Church today? Because the trads were right! It really IS the Mass that Matters. Rome has spoken!

Plus, what was it like the first time the Vatican attempted to crush the Latin Mass? Michael shares some personal memories, and then makes the case that it was worse then than it is now. Why? Watch and see.

Q&A for this livestream available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPgceolHDwUbg_-83jovudA

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