VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Presents the Catholic Position

VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Presents the Catholic Position

Michael Matt

2 years

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This week, seven hundred healthcare workers at the Mayo Clinic lost their jobs for being noncompliant with the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate. Many of these former “frontline heroes” objected on moral grounds, due to the connection between Covid vaccines and aborted fetal tissue.

In the pages of The Remnant, we have been running The Good Cop Files, many of which tell the stories of Catholic police officers who’ve lost their jobs for refusing to take an abortion-tainted vaccine.

Even some traditional Catholics priests argue that these would-be heroes are merely misinformed, and that there is no compunction in Catholic moral theology to take such a strong stand against these vaccines.

Obviously, this is one of the most pressing issues of the day, since it involves life-and-death decisions, questions of employment, job loss, etc. Catholics need strong moral guidance, in other words, from their priests and theologians, especially since global laws may soon mandate vaccine passports for all.

In this video, Michael Matt directly challenges Bishop Athanasius Schneider on his position on this question, arguing that His Excellency may be showing a lack of due concern for human life by taking the strong stand he has.

Bishop Schneider’s answer is truly epic in its fidelity to the sensus Catholicus so sorely missing from this international debate, from the Vatican to the pulpits.  

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