BREAKER 19: Convoy of Patriots Rocks Canada

BREAKER 19: Convoy of Patriots Rocks Canada

Michael Matt

2 years

Vintage footage of Klaus Schwab bragging that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was once one of the World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders" as were, according to Schwab, half of Trudeau's cabinet right now. This explains everything!

In this special edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt puts the massive freedom convoy taking place north of the border this weekend into context, as it becomes an international symbol of freedom and lockdown fatigue worldwide.

As the PM of Denmark takes a page out of Boris Johnson’s playbook and lifts all mandates in Denmark, Michael speaks to the possibility that the globalist narrative is running out of diesel fuel. And if that happens, The Great Reset is DOA.


Standing with the truckers, Michael returns to his mantra—Resistance Is Not Futile—as he pledges prayers and best wishes to Canadian freedom fighters.

Don’t miss it! Near the end of this episode, Michael offers a heartfelt montage of Canadian children thanking the truckers for standing for them, which more or less says it all. This one actually is “for the children,” so let those truckers roll, 10-4!

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