UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS: Justin Trudeau’s Offensive

UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS: Justin Trudeau’s Offensive

Michael Matt

2 years

This RTV Short highlights those Godfearing Canadians who, according to Prime Minister Trudeau, hold “unacceptable views”.

  • Who are these people and what makes them unacceptable?
  • What happens to “unacceptable people” in totalitarian regimes?
  • What are Justin’s plans for Canadian citizens who disagree with him? Camps? Executions? Medial experiments?

This excerpt comes from Michael Matt’s latest Remnant Underground, “Freedom, eh? Canada Leads the World” – which was immediately taken down by YouTube for “violating community guidelines,” of course.  

All RTV content is available first at www.Remnant-TV.com, which cannot be censored in any way... even for “unacceptable views”.

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