BABEL: Diocesan Priest Defends Traditionalists, Latin Mass

BABEL: Diocesan Priest Defends Traditionalists, Latin Mass

Michael Matt

2 years

In this Sunday Sermon from South St. Paul, Father vigorously defends traditional Catholics against the charge that they are “divisive”. Employing the theme of “Temples of the Holy Ghost,” he argues that traditional Latin Mass parishes are, in fact, healthy and thriving centers of faith and thus authentic temples of the Holy Ghost.

Drawing from Scripture, Father speaks of those leveling false charges against traditional Catholics as builders of a new Tower of Babel who, rather than building back better, are in fact “Building Babel Back”.

Father also argues that the former so-called “Indult Parishes” can and often are centers of unity for all faithful Catholics and should be regarded as such by the Vatican. Instead, Father explains how these parishes are being singled out for cancelation due to an alleged divisiveness that Father calls “sheer nonsense”.

This sermon should be shared far and wide by all sincere Catholics who seek to unify the Church in an era of unprecedented Revolution in the Church from the top down.

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