ROTHSCHILD'S POPE and the League of Globalist Gentlemen

ROTHSCHILD'S POPE and the League of Globalist Gentlemen

Michael Matt

1 year

Little Manny Macron declares that France will have to suffer since the “time of abundance” is over, as he lives up to his reputation as Klaus Schwab’s favorite Young Globalist Leader. 

In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt asks the question: When people such as Governor Ron DeSantis, Megyn Kelly, and Jordan Peterson are courageously speaking out against the Globalist Agenda 2030, why are so many Catholics still defending the Globalist pope who, when he’s not partnering with Lynn Rothschild (Hillary Clinton’s most prominent backer), is renewing his call for worldwide vaccination long after even the airlines scrapped the mandates?

Novak Djokovic get banned from playing in US Open this year, but Pope Francis has no objection to such draconian madness. What does that tell you?

So, where’s your line in the sand? Francis is promoting the WEFs ESGs, the UNs SDGs, and Lynn Rothschild’s “Inclusive Capitalism”. You okay with that?

Meanwhile, Mr. “Green” T is going full-on Soviet in Ukraine, even establishing a KGB-styled “blacklist” of his enemies in the US, including Sen. Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Glen Greenwald and even Jeffrey SACHS.

Why Sachs? It makes perfect sense, as Michael explains.

Plus, Michael offers an update on next month's Economy Francesco in Assisi. You won't believe this! Or, maybe you will...

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