VATICAN SHMATICAN: Shia LaBeouf Schools Pope Francis

VATICAN SHMATICAN: Shia LaBeouf Schools Pope Francis

Michael Matt

1 year

Senator Amy Klobuchar is meeting with Mr. “Green” T once again. She famously went to the Ukraine with John McCain and Lindsey Graham back in December of 2016 and declared war on Russia. But now she’s back. Why?

Speaking of McCain and Graham, guess who was behind the Russia collusion hoax?

Also in this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt comments on Shia LaBeouf’s conversion to the Catholic Faith. Not only did “Indiana Jones’ son” convert, but he also credits the Latin Mass for having given him the inspiration to do so.

Now what, traditionis custodes?!

You could cut the irony with a knife: Francis is right in the middle of cancelling the Latin Mass, he just named 22 whacky new cardinals… and a kid from Hollywood is dominating the headlines with talk of the Latin Mass.  This is fun!

Also, Cardinal Arthur Roche says traditional Catholics reject Vatican II. Well, let’s hope so, given what Pope Benedict XVI said back in 2013 about the Council’s devastating impact on the Church.

You won’t believe this and, yes, we’ve got the video to prove it!

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