BIDEN, BARRON and BERGOGLIO: Rockin’ the Post-Catholic World

BIDEN, BARRON and BERGOGLIO: Rockin’ the Post-Catholic World

Michael Matt

1 year

Do you remember when Catholic bishops and priests were leading the charge in the culture war against ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll’ last century? What happened?  To paraphrase another hippy crooner, Pete Seeger, “where have all the Catholics gone?”  

Last week, Bishop Robert Barron proudly announced on Facebook that he’d made a pilgrimage to the boyhood home of iconic folk rocker, Bob Dylan.

Apart from offering further proof that the Catholic Church has surrendered in the Culture War, what’s the takeaway? To answer that question, Michael Matt points to President Joe ‘The Catholic’ Biden’s recent Philadelphia speech in which he declared war on pro-life, pro-family, pro-God Americans. 

Now, let’s not forget that Biden is just the second “Catholic” to occupy the Oval Office. And while he was denouncing American patriots, his counterpart over in Rome was denouncing Traditional Catholics. Both President and Pope accuse their own of the crime/sin of “backwardism.”

What’s going on here?

Michael lays the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s down alongside the Modernist Revolution of Vatican II, and asks the question: What’s the connection? The answer? The Catholic Church’s unconditional surrender to the world, both doctrinally and culturally.

Is all hope lost? Not on your life! The ageing ‘Catholic’ hippies have jumped the shark, and there’s a worldwide awakening going on. Michael points out several powerful Catholics standing up to the apostate Catholic cabal. Guys like Ron DeSantis, Archbishop Vigano, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and several million Traditional Catholics worldwide who’ve had enough of the hippies, Marxists, and socialists running around loose, pretending to the Catholic.

Whether your Catholic or not, it’s time to stand up to the “Catholic” cabal headed up by Biden, Bergoglio, Pelosi, Newsom, Fauci, AOC, and the rest of them.

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