NATIONS ANNIHILATED! Is The Great Reset Worth World War III?

NATIONS ANNIHILATED! Is The Great Reset Worth World War III?

Michael Matt

1 year

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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a hard look at the downward spiral of President Biden’s foreign policy, specifically his funding of the war in Ukraine. With Putin threatening nukes and engaging in massive wargames, we'd better find out what's going on here.

And why are we funding that war? On the floor of the United Nations last week, U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken told us exactly why when he said that President Putin must be stopped because he is “shredding the international order” that “we have sworn to defend.”

And who was sitting just behind Blinken when he made this stunning admission? Victoria Nuland, of course, President Obama’s Secretary of State for European Affairs, who lead the regime change in Ukraine in 2014.  And just like that, everything becomes clear.

Plus, 90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen is in prison awaiting trial, facing a life sentence for opposing persecution of Christians in Communist China. And is Pope Francis condemning this outrageous persecution of one of his own cardinals? Don't be silly!

Meanwhile, as Francis cancels traditional Catholics worldwide, another diocese announces that it is closing three-quarters of its churches. Yep, Catholics got the message: Religious services are 'non-essential'!  Thanks, Francis!

Finally, Michael announces a major press conference to be held this coming Saturday that will formalize resistance to Francis and proclaim the Kingship of Christ in the face of Francis's attempt to appease his Globalist masters by canceling Christianity. 

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