Michael Matt

1 year

For the past forty years, the flagship event of Traditional Catholicism worldwide has been the Notre Dame de Chretiente Pentecost Pilgrimage from Parish to Chartres.

This epic RTV documentary explores the history,  the present, and the future of the Pilgrimage as the premier event uniting Traditional Catholics from countries all over the world.  In light of the motu proprio of Pope Francis, Traditionis Custodes, restricting the Latin Mass worldwide, the Pilgrimage emerges as a powerful counterattack in defense of the Mass of history.

Featuring interviews of priests, laymen (young and old), and bishops involved with this massive piece of traditional Catholic action, this documentary provides a comprehensive treatment of what traditional Catholicism after the Second Vatican Council is all about, why it matters, how it has helped to transform a few independent voices of Catholic restoration into a powerful and united movement that is changing history and that has launched the Traditional Catholic restoration movement into an international federation dedicated to defending the Catholic Faith and the Mass of all time.

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