NYPD COP: On Vaccines, Violence & Victims of the New Normal

NYPD COP: On Vaccines, Violence & Victims of the New Normal

Michael Matt

1 year

In this Special Edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt interviews Sergeant James Hipple – a retired New York City police officer.

This discussion goes well beyond the midterm elections to the disastrous effects of the Democrat war on God and His law – the root cause of massive escalation of violence in America.

Defund the police, the exploitation of race, the promotion of abortion, the breakup of the family, the obscenity of forced vaccination, the attack on law and order – it’s all a “God thing,” which is why this Catholic cop relies on the Latin Mass and the Rosary to keep him sane during one of the worst periods of social unrest in American history.

Although he’d left the Church for many years, Sergeant Hipple explains that it was the Latin Mass that brought him back in 2021. So, Sergeant Hipple: “What do you think of Pope Francis?” Spoiler Alert: Francis made it impossible for Catholic police officers in New York City – including Sergeant Hipple – to get a religious exemption from taking the vaccines.

This third-generation cop retired early rather than take the vaccine. For Sergeant Hipple, the gloves are off. His war is our war: Unite the clans beneath the banner of Christ the King! There’s no other way to save our nation’s soul.

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