TRUMP’S RETURN: But Will There be an America Left to Save?

TRUMP’S RETURN: But Will There be an America Left to Save?

Michael Matt

1 year

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The Little Ferret gets a gig on Canada’s big drag queen show on TV. Zelensky donates big money to the Democrat candidates. (Still standing with Ukraine?) And Donald Trump says he will run again.

Michael asks a few questions:

-                  Will there be an America left to save in 2024?

-                  Will Mitch McConnell’s war-hawking Neocons let him get nominated?

-                  Will the WEF psychos let him live until 2024?

As for Donald Trump personally:

-                  Does he realize he’s up against out-of-the-closet Satanism this time?

-                  Will he defend marriage?

-                  Will he defend the unborn now that the pro-life position has, according to leading Republicans, “cost us our red wave”?

Can anyone make America truly great again while the blood of the innocent is still flowing? Can America survive two more years of Team Biden’s war on God?


The good news?  Nobody wants to talk about it, but there were midterm winners.  Governors who stood up for life and against the lockdowns and vax mandates won BIG!

It really doesn’t matter what you think of a DeSantis or Stitt or Noem – their massive victories point to the path forward: Anti-abortion, anti-lockdown, anti-vaccines, and pro-God WINS.

We hope Donald Trump agrees.

Michael Matt lays down his conditions for endorsing the next President of the United States, whoever that turns out to be.

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