THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE: Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vatican

THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE: Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vatican

Michael Matt

1 year

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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes on YouTube, Facebook, and the superstar of Big Tech – Pope Francis.

RTV was banned from posting on YouTube this week for allowing pro-life warrior, Abby Johnson, to explain how Big Abortion exploits women and contributes to human trafficking.

This, according to YouTube, “violates our medical misinformation standards.”  Well, of course it does!

The irony is this: Francis just got his very own YouTube Original documentary, all about – you guessed it! – him!

Not to be outdone, Netflix got into the Papal Road Show, too. They just released a Netflix series starring – wait for it – Pope Francis talking all about, well, himself!

Everybody LOVES Jorge!

Oh and, by the way, in case you hadn’t heard, Francis just approved sodomy,  telling gay couples that God loves them “as they are,” and that they should feel free to “bring their adopted kids to church with them.”

Now, don’t forget to obey this guy when he tells you to stop worshipping God at your Latin Mass! 

What are we going to do? First off, we’re going to set up a system to beat the algorithms of Big Tech so that we can fight in the real world, rather than Big Tech’s virtual gulag.

Finally, Donald Trump blasts transgender ideology and defends the nuclear family of one man and one woman. Warts notwithstanding, The Donald is apparently more Catholic than the pope. And you won’t believe what else he said. . . 

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