Pope Cancels Latin Mass as 80% of US Catholics Skip New Mass EVERY Sunday

Pope Cancels Latin Mass as 80% of US Catholics Skip New Mass EVERY Sunday

Michael Matt

1 year

FULL VIDEO: Franciscan U Latin Mass Canceled, Delaware Criminalizes Confession, Canadian Catholic Arrested - Remnant TV (remnant-tv.com)

Pope Francis is not telling the truth. He claims that he must cancel the Latin Mass to preserve unity in the Church. Trouble is, eighty percent of US Catholics don't go to Mass at all anymore.

In Europe, the percentage is even higher. In forcing us to "unite" with defecting mainstream Catholics, is he hoping we'll stop going to Mass, too?

Plus, what about all the other 23 rites in the Church? Is Francis going to cancel them, too?

What's really going on here? Why is Francis lying about the Latin Mass? And why is he so afraid of it? He's attacking the 2000-year-old historical, dogmatic, and liturgical patrimony of his own Church. Why? Who is this guy, and why is he doing everything in his power to crush faithful Catholics and build up a New World Order?

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