WHERE DO WE STAND: Is Bergoglio the Pope?

WHERE DO WE STAND: Is Bergoglio the Pope?

Michael Matt

10 months

In this episode of the Remnant Underground, Michael J Matt comments on faithful Catholics who, while scandalized by the unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church — a crisis only accelerated under the pontificate of Pope Francis — have come to the conclusion that Francis cannot possibly be the pope.

Francis has become the darling of the most powerful pro-abort Globalists in the world — atheists such as Yuval Noah Harari, for example, who in this edition of the Underground explains why he is so appreciative of the great work of Pope Francis — this from the guy who thinks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a myth and the Bible is "fake news."

And next week, Francis will have a fireside chat with Bill Clinton at a high-profile event hosted by the notorious Clinton Foundation. (Beam me up, Scotty!)

Meanwhile, Francis’s new apostolic nuncio to the United States is stumping for the next Democrat presidential nominee even before the 2024 election race kicks into high gear.

The situation in the Vatican is obviously out of control, which is why so many bishops and cardinals are pushing back. And, yet, Francis didn't start this fire. This is where the Modernist Revolution was always going to end up. Question is, what can ordinary Catholics do to save themselves, and how far can we go in resisting Francis to his face?

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