Bishop Schneider Unplugged: “This is blasphemy!” (A Michael Matt Interview)

Bishop Schneider Unplugged: “This is blasphemy!” (A Michael Matt Interview)

Michael Matt

8 months

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In this latest special report from Rome, Michael Matt interviews His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider in an up front and personal way conversation.

So, what about this Synodal plan to “bless gay unions?” No, says Bishop Schneider, asking God to bless a sinful lifestyle is BLASPHEMY!

But who is Bishop Schneider? And how does he justify standing against Pope Francis and his Synod?

He grew up behind the Iron Curtain, where practicing the Catholic faith was against the law and where Catholics had to practice their religion in secret. As a young boy, His Excellency was obliged to received his First Holy Communion in secret, lest the KGB should arrest his parent and his priest for daring to practice the Catholic religion.

How does this relate to what is happening now, in the Church of Pope Francis? This is Bishop Schneider as you’ve never seen him before. Who is they man, and why does he speak of the underground Church? What does he think about Pope Francis and the Synod on Synodality?

How are faithful Catholics expected to resist the spirit of the Synod? Where do we do from here?

From the rooftops of Rome, this is a person interview of one of the last bishops in the Church today who has the courage to resist.

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