OVERCOMING TYRANNY: Fr. Mawdsley's 3-Step Plan

OVERCOMING TYRANNY: Fr. Mawdsley's 3-Step Plan

Michael Matt

2 years

Father James Mawdsley presents a basic plan of action for how each of us can overcome the diabolical tyranny that is presently attempting to lock down the world.

Basing his argments on Catholic principle, Father offers practical advice that culminates with a call to unswerving devotion to the one heavenly incercessor who really can save the world. 

This video was removed from Father Mawdley's YouTube channel   It is Father's second offering to Remnant-TV.com following his bombshell WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY: Catholic Priest Calls Bishops to Resist Pope 

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Father Mawdley knows of what he speaks. Before he became a Catholic, he spent 14 months being tortured in a Burmese jail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lux7is4vIfo 

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