WOKE VATICAN: Millions Resist Pope’s “Hostile Takeover”

WOKE VATICAN: Millions Resist Pope’s “Hostile Takeover”

Michael Matt

10 months

It’s coming back this fall, but are the covid lockdowns absolutely necessary to keep you safe? Well, it depends on how you score on the Asch Conformity Experiment.

Padre DJ “pumps up the jams” for young people in devil’s horns and witches’ costumes. But Pope Francis blessed his headphones, anyway, and then invited him to World Youth Day.

Resistance is futile. Tell it to Oliver Anthony, a no-name musician who just blew up the music charts worldwide and took his protest anthem to a hundred million people. 

Plus, there is a new book out with a foreword by Raymond Cardinal Burke. It is all about the Synod on Synodality, and His Eminence delivers a dire warning to Pope Francis.

Finally, The Vigano Effect. . . what is it, and could it change the future of the Catholic counterrevolution?

Asch Experiment source article HERE.

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