Remember Advent? How to Keep the Church's Little Lent

Remember Advent? How to Keep the Church's "Little Lent"

Michael Matt

6 months

In this Remnant Spotlight, Michael Matt reminds us all that you don't get to Christmas except through Advent, the wonderful, penitential liturgical season established by Holy Mother Church to prepare our souls for a joyous Christmastide. This season is not for Grinches! It's rich with Catholic custom and tradition, and especially poignant for children, whose little hearts are filled with expectation for the coming of Baby Jesus. Here's just one simple and beautiful way for Catholics to fight back against the cultural revolution, reclaim their heritage, and make Christ the focal point of Christmas.

Michael Matt's Article, "Reclaiming Our Holy Days: Putting Christ Back in Christmas":

Full Video, "Cancelling Cardinal Burke & the Collapse of Team Francis":

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