BIDEN TIME: Can Trump (and America) Survive 2020's Reign of Terror?

BIDEN TIME: Can Trump (and America) Survive 2020's Reign of Terror?

Michael Matt

3 years

Will Pope Francis endorse Joe Biden’s run for the White House?

Can faithful Catholics influence the next Conclave? From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt responds with a resounding YES!

Michael questions the wisdom of accusing Pope Francis of formal heresy rather than just going after Francis the radical, far-Left politician.Michael references Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Lawler and others to argue in favor of a new strategy, one which undermines Francis by going after his politics.

Will it work?

Well, so far Francis is ignoring the charges of heresy. Why? Because he can! Francis isn't concerned with dogma and, more to the point, he knows most Catholics aren't, either. Charging him with formal heresy doesn't seem to threaten Francis. He seems positively bemused by it, in fact.

His political beliefs, on the other hand, are the sort of thing that terrify millions and, here in America, led to the most unlikely political upset in 200 years. Could something similar happen at the next Conclave?

Plus, Michael argues that traditional Catholics must become the most outspoken defenders of the papacy and the doctrine of papal infallibility in the world today. Why? Watch and see. . .

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