CHRIST or CHAOS: Challenging the New World Order (CIC 2020)

CHRIST or CHAOS: Challenging the New World Order (CIC 2020)

Michael Matt

3 years
On the eve of the most critical election in U.S. history, the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 will take place live and in person in Pittsburgh, PA, and it will feature 10 in-person addresses, one Skype address by Bishop Athanasius Schneider and a video conference by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (who will appear on camera for the first time in several years).

In person conferences will be delivered by Michael J. Matt, Dr. Steve Mosher, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. John Rao, Fr. James Altman, Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, Bishop Anthony Spinosa, Diane Montagna, Patrick Archbold, the Original Parking Lot Priest (Fr. John Echert), Fr. Hugues Beaugrand, cameo appearance by Elizabeth Yore and a very special Skype message from mystery guest of international acclaim.

Unite the Clans!

The CIC is sold out but the entire conference will be available online and perhaps via livestreaming, as well.

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