BIDEN’S POPE: Cancelling the Catholic Church

BIDEN’S POPE: Cancelling the Catholic Church

Michael Matt

2 years

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In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt discussed the following topics:

  • The Left goes so far off the rails that even yesterday’s rock ‘n’ roll bad boys are standing up to defend patriotic Americans. KISS that, Mr. Biden!
  • Joe Biden says he’s going to come knocking on our doors, Ronald Reagan says “Aww Shaddup!”
  • The Revolution consumes its own. The EU Parliament votes to criminalize those "religious extremists" who oppose abortion and contraception, and guess what? Those “religious extremists” include Opus Dei.
  • The Bishop of Dijon, France expels Traditional Catholics for the same “crime” that sent the 16 Carmelite of Compiègne to the guillotine. The Bishop of Dijon, by the way, says he’s only following Francis’ agenda.
  • So, why in the middle of hell on earth is the most recognized spiritual leader in the world engaging in a witch hunt against Traditional Catholics?
  • Why Traditional Catholicism IS the spear.

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