FROM BIDEN to BERGOGLIO: The New World Order's War on Christianity

FROM BIDEN to BERGOGLIO: The New World Order's War on Christianity

Michael Matt

2 years

Pope Francis sends a handwritten letter of encouragement to gay rights activist, Father Jimmy Martin-- a Jesuit priest who, according to Francis, "imitates God"

In this episode of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt discusses some good news and bad:

  • Will the American Bishops defend Christ, or bow to Biden?
  • Traditional Catholics meet in New York-- all next week
  • The Chartres Pilgrimage survives Covid 
  • The President of the Philippines to jail the unvaccinated
  • Senator reports Canada for religious freedom violations.
  • Italy prepares to make Catholic teaching on sexualty a hate crime
  • New attacks against Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Michael offers spirited defense

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