FREEDOM, EH? Canada Leads the World

FREEDOM, EH? Canada Leads the World

Michael Matt

2 years

This video was taken down by YouTube this morning. Please help me spread the word: can't be censored.  - Michael J. Matt 

BREAKING: Saskatchewan Premier, responding to the Freedom Convoy, says it’s time to lift the mandates.

In this week’s edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt covers the Freedom Convoy’s first press conference. Guess what? The truckers know all about Davos, the World Economic Forum, and The Great Reset. In fact, they say that’s what they’re fighting against.

To that end, Michael shares dramatic video of the truckers praying the Our Father together, begging God to bless and protect their war in defense of country and freedom.

But it gets even better!

Justin Trudeau’s brother confirms that Canada’s Prime Minister is a one-world government guy who’s all in with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. Ding-dong the Great Reset Conspiracy THEORY is dead!

Plus, dramatic footage of a trucker manfully holding back tears as he explains why he’s on the road for freedom. (Hint: It’s all about defending Canada’s children.)

Over in Europe, a man shouts down Pope Francis but not because of Vatican mask mandates as was reported in the Italian press. Rather, the man was defending the dogma and integrity of the Catholic Church against a globalist pontiff.

Michael wraps things up with an interview of the original Parking Lot Priest, along with a new song (written by a Remnant subscriber in Dublin, Ireland) in honor of the Canadian Truckers.

"WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY": Catholic Priest (Father Mawdsley) Calls Bishops to Resist Pope

Keep the Wheels Rollin' (Original Song)

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