THE ERRORS of GLOBALISM: Russia, Ukraine, and the Suicide of the West

THE ERRORS of GLOBALISM: Russia, Ukraine, and the Suicide of the West

Michael Matt

2 years

Even war won't stop the World Economic Forum from flying its freak flag. A national digital ID for Canadians, implanted microchips for the Swedes, and war for Eastern Europe.

Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, and everybody says he’s a madman. But mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the maddest of them all?

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a deep dive into the politics behind the Crisis in the Ukraine. If you want to know what’s really going on, turn off Fox News and CNN. The last time war fever hit this pitch, we blew up the Mideast in a pointless war that lasted over twenty years.

Remember that Red Wave we hoped would help save this country in November? Yeah, well, you can kiss that goodbye. The Dems have gotten themselves a wartime president to fall behind. But what’s really going on here? Who’s the good guy? Who’s the bad guy? And is there any difference between the two?

While we look at the shiny new thing on TV every night, the Lunatics of Davos are plotting the end of homo sapiens and freewill.

Plus, another Canadian premier calls out Justin Trudeau and the Great Reset crowd. The plot thickens. . .

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