POST-CHRISTIAN UTOPIA: Surveillance Cameras and Spy Satellites

POST-CHRISTIAN UTOPIA: Surveillance Cameras and Spy Satellites

Michael Matt

3 years

From ‘The Editor’s Desk,’ Michael J. Matt points to the decline of law and order in the streets of America and Europe, and asks the question: Did the Enlightenment actually enlighten anyone? 

Do you feel liberated these days, spied on 24/7 by 13,000 satellites in space and hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras in the streets of the world?

Do you think the Spanish Inquisition could have been somehow worse than what’s happening today in Europe?

Do you really think the Crusades could’ve been more barbaric than Dresden and Hiroshima?

Do you believe the so-called “Dark Ages” of Faith were less enlightened than the New World Order of secularism—where total war is the new normal, billions of unborn babies have been slaughtered and children shoot up their schools for no reason at all?

When do we get to stop with the Fake History?

When can we finally admit that our post-Christian “march of progress” is scary as hell?

Michael points to the solution—one at which Pope Francis & Co. will laugh, no doubt, since the Second Vatican Council ignored it completely, but the very thing five consecutive popes insisted was the only hope of the world.

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