CHRISTOPHOBIC GLOBALISM: Preparing Children for Persecution

CHRISTOPHOBIC GLOBALISM: Preparing Children for Persecution

Michael Matt

2 years

In this powerful sermon for Mother's Day and First Holy Communion Sunday, Father challenges twelve First Communicants to be ready for martyrdom rather than deny the Faith. 

Reminding the children of his parish how just two years ago they were forced to attend Mass in the parking lot, Father explains how young Catholics today are being asked to face persecution that very few Americans could have imagined just 50 years ago. 

Citing the Globalists as examples of pawns of Satan at war with Christ, Father also reminds the children that far from abandoning them, God is arming them the Holy Spirit and indeed His own body and blood. He even encourages them to seek refuge beneath the mantle of Our Lady as we all prepare for persecution. 

Obviously, Father believes that the situation is such that even children have an important part to play in defending the Christian Faith in an entirely Christophobic new world order. 


Be sure to watch this inspirational sermon all the way to the end, and considering sharing it with young people in your life.  We are all soldiers of Jesus Christ, and this is war. 

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