SPOTLIGHT On Digital IDs and Useful Idiots

SPOTLIGHT On Digital IDs and Useful Idiots

Michael Matt

1 year

Are you ready for the Digital ID? In the EU, they're testing it right now, and you won't believe what they have in mind. Move over, George Orwell!


This RTV Spotlight is an excerpt from SIEGE at MAR-a-LAGO: A Globalist Panic Attack, which premiered Aug 14, 2022.


As the WEF continues to tighten the noose around with orchestrated food shortages, climate change fear porn, and draconian surveillance measures,  two things are happening in the Catholic Church:


1) Pope Francis and his bishops are becoming bigger useful idiots than ever, babbling on about "synodality," "listening," "pathways," "mission," "journey", and whatever else here in the middle of a global revolution against God.


2) Serious bishops, on the other hand, are waking up to the stark reality that the Catholic Church has become the plaything of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and, as such, can no longer be trusted as a guardian of truth  or a protector of children.


With great persecution comes great awakening. In other words, the war is on.


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