THE CARDINAL'S WARNING: A hostile takeover of the Catholic Church

THE CARDINAL'S WARNING: "A hostile takeover of the Catholic Church"

Michael Matt

1 year

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In this week's Spotlight, we highlight all of the quotes from Gerard Cardinal Müller's bombshell October 2022 interview on "The World Over."  This is such a big deal!  It's Archbishop Lefebvre on Assisi.  It's Archbishop Vigano on the Vatican/McCarrick sex coverup.  The Vatican does NOT want this interview to go viral, so let's make sure it does. Francis's Synodal Church is going to bring about, according to Cardinal Müller the "end of the Catholic Church!" 

There's no time to lose!  Whether you're Catholic or not, this matters because once the Globalist cabal has complete control of the Catholic Church, there will be no organized moral authority left in the world to stop their diabolic New World Order.

We need to wake up, stop living in denial, pray like there's no tomorrow, and resist them to their faces, exactly as Gerhard Cardinal Müller calls us to do in this video.

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