FRANCIS CHURCH: Same-Sex Unions In, Latin Masses Out

FRANCIS CHURCH: Same-Sex Unions In, Latin Masses Out

Michael Matt

1 year

Full Episode: THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE: Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vatican

In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt discusses the truly unprecedented papal endorsement of sodomidical unions. Although Pope Francis says not one word about the act of sodomy, he is now calling for states to legalize same-sex unions, by which homosexual couples can establish themselves as a "family". He even encourages homosexual couples to bring their adopted children to church, as he brags about how he meets with them publicly inside the Vatican.

Of course, Jesus met with the sinners, too, but He always admonished them to repent and sin no more.  And there's where Francis goes totally silent. He says not one word to them about the Church's Bible-based prohibition of same-sex relations. The takeaway? He is the first pope in history to bless and approve sodomitical "shacking up". And this he calls "charity." 

Meanwhile, he is cracking down hard on faithful Catholics who attend the Latin Mass. God help us, where are the bishops? Why does any priest or bishop feel dutybound to obey a pope who has so obviously broken from the Church's infallible teachings on faith and morals? 

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