From TRANSgenderism to TRANShumanism: How Orwell Got It Wrong

From TRANSgenderism to TRANShumanism: How Orwell Got It Wrong

Michael Matt

1 year

God save the king, and God save us from the king’s New World Order. Will King Charles III back away from the tyrannical agenda of his Globalist friends from Davos?

The Biden Administration tries to remove the Blessed Sacrament from a Catholic hospital. The Catholic hospital fought back, and guess who backed down?

Thirteen Catholic lawmakers pass bills that turned Minnesota into what Bishop Joseph Strickland calls a “Devil’s Sanctuary”. So where is the Catholic Church, and will the Minnesota bishops enforce Canon 915?

Plus, a former “trans kid” changes her mind, but it’s too late. Who did this to her, and why did they do it? It’s gotten so out of hand, that even members of the LGBT community are speaking out against the butchering of children. So, what’s really going on here? Well, just ask Klaus Schwab. (HINT: transgenderism today, transhumanism tomorrow.)

Finally, Robert Kennedy, Jr, warns against the coming climate change lockdown. Speaking of George Orwell, he got Big Brother right, but he got the counterrevolution dead wrong. And here’s how. . .

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