COVID CHAOS & the Non-Essential Pope

COVID CHAOS & the Non-Essential Pope

Michael Matt

4 years

Italian police raid a Catholic church and try to stop an old priest from saying Mass. You’ll never guess what this courageous priest does!

As the United States fights to fend off a medical dictatorship, Michael Matt comments on the increasingly obvious connection between this situation and the Utopian vision of the population-controlling fanatics.

What are we to make of the growing nation-wide rebellion against Dr. Fauci and Co. attempting to keep us all under virtual house arrest, even though COVID19 surprised the experts by maintaining an amazingly low death rate?

What about sheriffs now refusing to enforce new, draconian lockdown measures called for by overzealous, democrat governors?

What is the connection between a COVID19 vaccine and overpopulation?

Why in the middle of it all, is Pope Francis plugging his own climate change encyclical as part of an announced Vatican plan to rebuild a post-pandemic world?

What is the connection between closed Catholic churches worldwide, and Francis’ decision to betray the underground faithful Catholics in Communist China?

In short, what in Heaven’s name is going on?

#COVID19 #UniteTheClans

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